ChrisCrisis - Look in to my eyes

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Chris Akers, also known as Chris crisis. He is an Independent, break through artist specializing in black light reactive painting. Products include, hat pins, posters, murals, t shirts and so much more. Born in southern California, Chris Crisis began freestyling and battling at the age of 14. By the age of 16 Crisis had made the choice to continue chasing his dreams and start writing his lyrics in order to portray his style in a serious manner. As a young runaway crisis found his calling on the streets of Vallejo, Berkley, San Fran, and Oakland. After a few years of the homeless lifestyle Crisis made it off the streets and found himself captivated by the psychedelic culture of Eugene Oregon and has grown into the artist you know today, pushing the envelope and focusing on the poetic importance of lyricism, opposed to the mind-numbing, brainwashing, hip-hop of today's media outlets. support local hip-hop and think outside the box

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