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"This movement is bigger than any one of us alone. We will grow in numbers, and find our strength there." - Dave Souri


How do you become a #FuckDopeDealer?

  1.  Order a Bulk Quantity of #FuckDope Tees
  2. You will receive an e-mail Invitation to become a #FuckDopeDealer
  3. You must complete the Application and Be Approved before you can Sell #FuckDope merchandise. 


 How much Money can you make? 

  • That's up to you. 
  • We encourage gifting the shirts to friends/family. 
  • But if you want to Sell The Shirts, you'll have to be a Licensed #FuckDope Dealer. 


We know you want to spread the message, and we want to help. We're asking that you place a Bulk Order.

Here's our offer:

  • We'll cut the price in half.
  • We won't charge you Shipping.
  • You can Gift the shirts to anyone
  • You'll get an email invite to become a #FuckDope Dealer
 Qty Unit Price Your Cost Retail Value
5 $11 $55 $100
10 $11 $110 $200
15 $10 $150 $300
20 $10 $200 $400
25 $10 $250 $500
50 $8.50 $425 $1000
100 $8 $800 $2000


 **NOTE: You may NOT re-sell #FuckDope merchandise without a Re-Seller License. Purchasing this item Doesn't entitle you to a Re-Seller License.