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This men’s t-shirt is the best t-shirt you’ll ever own.  Our shirt derives it’s softness from it’s composition, made of 100% long staple pima cotton, the most prized cotton in the world.  We knit it in an interlock weave for a soft flat face that won’t stretch or warp over time.  Weighing in at 4.8oz’s it’s between a heavyweight tee like dad used to own, and the paper thin tee’s that luxury brands have been throwing on shelves.   A lay flat collar with a touch of spandex ensures this shirt will always look great no matter how many times you pull it on and off.  

- 4.8 oz. interlock 100% pima cotton

- Lay flat collar

- Standard fit

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My name is Chef Timothy Johnson,

I am 28 years old and I am a celebrity chef. Growing up in the streets of Chicago gave me a tough skin to survive, but my love for food gave me the sense to live life and savor food. At the early age of 8 I found food to be my muse, my love, my everything. I would whip up concoctions every chance I got, from stomach turners to delicious treats.

I studied and kept with food all through out my life, well into high school where I took courses and enrolled into culinary school. That's where I became the artist and the genius of flavor, plating and magic. I told myself never to limit my abilities or my palate and always stay true to my "from scratch" upbringing.

Today, with many years of pain and experience under my belt, I have been blessed to show the world my skill and my passion through many avenues such as food network and social media outlets. Each plate to me is a chance to blow you away and make you a believer. My goal is to make the world appreciate cooking and to spread the love of knowledge to all parts.

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