$15 Personalized Tees Deal

$15 Personalized Tees Deal

Just in time for the Holidays! $15 Tees, Designed & Shipped

No more driving to the mall, paying 25 or 30 dollars, and getting a half cocked excuse for a custom tee after an hour. (probably 100% polyester, EW!)

We're offering 100% Preshrunk Cotton Tees, Designed and Shipped Free in the US for $15!

No more ordering discount tees from abroad and getting faded, misprinted, and sub-par product.

Our tees are Made in the USA, Made to Order, and Made to Impress!

Get one for your Loved One this Holiday!

HOW TO?!?!:
Step 1: Call/Text/Message us 720-432-1481
Step 2: Approve the Design
Step 3: Pay $15 (Shipping to US is Free)
Step 4: Receive your shirt in 10 Business Days

What're you waiting for?!?!
Call/Txt Today! 720-432-1481
FB: Too Turnt Upparel or YouParel
Dave Souri
Steve Komoll

Shop: www.YouParel.com/customtees

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